Apr. 23rd, 2012

luckylove: (mysterious cities of gold - zia)
Washed my hair around lunchtime on Sunday. Used the apple cider vinegar rinse thing first to get rid of dandruff/itchiness, then washed with the bicarb solution then conditioned with the apple cider vinegar. Hair currently smells of hair and is back in two plaits as it's annoying me. It's not the greasiness, it's annoying me in general. And I think it's become a bit brittle. I guess I'm using too much bicarbonate of soda. Time to dilute it some more. For some weird reason my hair doesn't appear to look greasy. It looks normal. It just feels wrong, sticky. It's weird.

Time to watch some more Mysterious Cities of Gold before bed. I think I got up to episode 4, only 35 to go. I may be some time.

Tomorrow's plan involves looking for a gravestone that Mark photographed last month. He's lost it. The grave, not the photo. When he went back to the cemetery to do a slightly different take on that stone he couldn't find it. Hopefully with two of us looking we'll find it as the photo of it in Pulp Fiction sold on Sunday and the person who bought it is interested to know who the grave belongs to.


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