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The RSPCA has called for an internet advert to be pulled after a terrapin was taped to a firework rocket and fired into a garden on Bonfire Night.
The creature, thought to be a female, was found by a dog in Wrexham with a cracked shell and a bleeding mouth.
The animal charity claimed there was an "obvious" connection with a Virgin Media Broadband advert of a cartoon tortoise being launched into space.
The company defended the ad but said it did not condone any animal cruelty.
The RSPCA has appealed for help in catching the culprits behind the cruelty to the terrapin, calling it "callous and sick".

Cats last year, terrapins this year. What will it be next year?
I hate fireworks and the little shits who set those ones off.
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I now have a coil in me. No more daily pills or, fingers crossed, completely messed up bleeding. It'll take a few months to settle down but I can handle that.

Coil stuff - no details, just long )

I didn't start to feel really ill until we got to the bus stop. I'd had cramps since the coil was inserted but that was just like normal period pain so I could handle it. However at the bus stop I started feeling faint. I really thought I was going to pass out. The bus came and Mark made me sit down at the front. I don't think I would've made it any further back. A couple of stops later this 50-something year old woman with a walking stick got on. Half of the 'priority' seats were empty and people were offering to move over so she could sit down. She refused and glared at me. It was one of those new single decker buses that has two 'high up' seats behind the driver. I was in the one closest to the driver. When she got off on Princes Street she glared at me again and told me I had no respect for anyone. Then she stormed off. I heard some other people muttering and thought they were agreeing with her. I was in pain, feeling faint and burst into tears at which point the lady sitting next to me said "what a dreadful old woman" and put her hand on my arm to calm me down. Mark was standing in front of me and he hugged me and told me it wasn't my fault and that other people had offered her seats but she refused. I explained to the lady next to me why I didn't get up and she was so nice about it. I suspect that 'old bat' just wanted to have a go at a 'coloured girl'. It still depressed me though.

Update: The cramping was fairly bad for a few hours but was mostly gone by the evening. I was a little tender for the next couple of days but fine after that. Didn't have sex until a week after that but when we did it was fine.
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I'm working on a stall in the Royal Mile, Edinburgh, right now. We often have cans of Irn-Bru which the wasps like. One wasp would come and drink from the top of the can and then tell all the other wasps. Now we have a special can of Irn-Bru that lives on top of one of the glass cabinets with a straw so that we can suck up some more Irn-Bru when they've finished what's on the top of the can. They get a bit agitated when there's no Bru on the top. It works a treat. They just come in, fly straight to the can, drink, then buzz off without coming anywhere near us or our customers. Some people use jam jars with jam and water. We use Irn-Bru. Once we tried it with a can of coke but they wouldn't touch it. It seems our wasps are true Scottish wasps. Only the Bru will do. As soon as we arrive they start hanging around the stall so the first thing we do is get them their Bru.
What do you think of this?
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"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."
--Theodore Roosevelt


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