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Do not answer the phone to this number 0800 0191773. Don't call them back either. They're fuckwits and deserve to die. They block your line for up to five minutes so you can't dial out. Good thing I wasn't dying then. I'm pissed off because they won't stop calling me even though I'm signed up with the Telephone preference service. They're a load of useless shite too. They can't do anything about silent calls.

After having Googled the number I find it belongs to Excell CC. They silent call you and when you call back the 0800 number you get a message saying
"You have been contacted by Excell Contact Centre and you were not available when we called. We are working on behalf of a client who wishes us to speak to you regarding an offer or service they provide. We do not need to speak to you at this time as we will call you back at a future date. If you would prefer us not to call you then let us know by calling 01294 225 321. Thank you for calling."
I've tried calling the 01294 225 321 number but it is permanently engaged.

More Googling and I find out where they're based. Maybe I'll pay them a visit tomorrow. Or maybe they deserve the banana skin treatment. With a letter telling them to take me off their fucking calling list.

Excell Contact Centres
4 Symington Place
KA11 5DE
Phone: 01294 225 300
Fax: 01294 225 301

The other blog complaining about them, their old number which was an 0870 one.
The other blog complaining about their new number which is the freephone one that calls me.
The webpage with their details.

Edit: Have emailed this entry to BBC Radio 4's You and Yours.
Edit 2: I've tried to email You and Yours but the Send button isn't working. Goddammit.
Edit 3: Still not working.
Edit 4: Still not working.

Other nuisance callers include: 01695559100 01709763840 01709842700 01914870305 08000191773


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