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Because they consider the likes of me to be a waste of oxygen. I'm meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I'll never vote for them so why should they care. It's only bleeding-heart liberals who care about Useless Eaters. The likes of me are not worth supporting in any meaningful way. Vermin don't deserve enough money to actually live on.

Volunteering time and energy in an attempt to reduce mental illness stigma through an art exhibition is not worthwhile. Volunteering time and energy to provide training to improve mental health services is not worthwhile. Helping out a struggling family with free childcare which might help them stay in work is not worthwhile. Raising money for various charities, when I'm well enough to do so, is not worthwhile. Looking after friends who need help is not worthwhile.

Hmm, when you reduce it to that it really doesn't look like much. Maybe I should just end my life and save the taxpayer some money. I can't though as I'm delivering Day 2 of training tomorrow and abandoning them with only half the training just isn't right.

Date: 2016-03-17 01:44 am (UTC)
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We mustn't give in. Why should we let the forces of murderous fascism win; the very forces that our grandparents endured hell and laid their lives on the line to defeat? Especially when less that 15% of Scots actually voted for the Tories. They have no mandate and no legitimacy here whatsoever.

Having said that, as a long-term sufferer of anxiety, depression and an assortment of mental health issues, my back has already been up against the wall several times. The powers-that-be have left me alone for a while but I feel I'm existing on borrowed time, and who knows what's going to happen next? I have nowhere left to turn, and can't see how I could possibly survive being left with no money for six months again.


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