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David Cameron wants to stop benefits for obese, mentally ill and addicts who "refuse" treatment. (The mental health bit was brought up last year.)
BBC article

The BBC wanted to hear from people who may be affected by this so I sent them my story.

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Jobcentre bosses warn of suicide risk among benefit claimants
From the comments "Will there be an investigation into how politicised the DWP press office has become? This statement: It remains rare to find incidents of self-harm where the benefits system is said to have been a factor, but we are not complacent when it comes to ensuring that our staff can provide the right support and help to those affected.

The DWP memo on mental health risks.

Breadline Britain Day Three: austerity, hungry kids, mental health
"I'm told the call, by shadow work and pensions secretary Liam Byrne, will be made at an opposition day debate on disability this lunchtime.
Byrne will apparently reveal new figures that show that : the cuts to disabled peoples' benefits now outstrip the amount of money the Government is taking from bankers."

Mental health of benefit claimants is put at risk by welfare reform
"The jobcentre supervisor told the man that his poor timekeeping had become an issue and put him at risk of being "sanctioned". "You have two options," he said. "Start turning up to the appointments on time; or continue like this and your claim will be disallowed." According to a health and safety report relayed to the Guardian, the man replied: "I have a third option." He reached into his pocket, took out a knife, and cut his wrists."


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