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Dear OK-Mail, Webbrands, IPT Limited.
My name is not Mr. Belinda Carter and my DOB is not 13th December 1976.
No Love,
p.s. May the fleas of a thousand syphilitic camels infest your arseholes after said arseholes have been rogered by giant cactii.

WebBastards and OK-Fail appear to be owned/run by Interactive Prospect Targeting Limited.

From my experience, and the experiences of others, their Unsubscribe option does not work.

I first thought it was Cadman Fine Wines who'd signed me up with this lot but I may be wrong. This person reckons it's Cadman Fine Wines ain't in the clear yet. I refuse to believe it's a coincidence that the level of spam to hit the email address they failed to unsubscribe three times* has increased 10-fold since I complained to them. It can't be cd-wow. They know my real name. Now I'm convinced it's Cadman Fine Wines.

I'd love to set up different email addresses for each website I sign up to. Finding out who is selling on email addresses sounds like fun. I almost wish I could be arsed doing it. Oh well, I'll settle for writing to IPT Limited.

The website for those pissed off with WebBrands bastards

New letter.
Dead Cadman Fine Wines,
See that bit about fleas and cactii . . .
Enjoy :)
No Love,

*yes they emailed me yet again. I didn't get round to posting here because I was rather upset about something else.
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Why Jeremy Clarkson should be Prime Minister

Wikipedia album meme )

Anyone else being bothered by WebBrands accounts being set up using your email address and someone elses name? They're lying arseholes.

O Canada

Sep. 19th, 2007 06:50 pm
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Reposted from [ profile] bastard. Under the Terms and Conditions I have to tell americans that they are war criminals.

# O Canada
# You're the only English speaking former colony we aren't massively embarrassed to have been involved in
# You appear to recognise concepts like freedom and the universal declaration of human rights
# And consequently the rest of the world doesn't hate you and wish you would just sink into the fucking sea and leave us alone.

Despite taking the antipsychotic almost religiously I still feel like kicking the shit out of everything that annoys me. As these things are mostly internet companies that's not too much of a problem. I like my computer and modem too much to start kicking them so I'll just rant about it here instead. Cadman Fine Wines are evil. WebBrands are evil.
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Note to self

Start sending hate mail to these evil spammers.

30 Buckingham Gate,

My name is NOT Belinda and I DO NOT have an account with you.
Now F*ck Off And Die.

It's all Cadman Fine Wine's fault. This only started happening after I asked them, for the third time, to remove my email address from their mailing list. They're evil bastards and deserve to die a painful death.

Edit: This lot,, can get hate mail too.
Customer Services
2nd Floor
69-73 Theobalds Road

Evil bastards. I hope they burn in hell


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