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To a certain LJ user. I don't need to name names. That will just get me in trouble with lj abuse but all the Edinburgh people know who I'm talking about.

How to deal with an 'ethnic gang' without appearing racist.
Do not start with "I'm not racist but . . ." that is never a good start.
Do not say that all the Asian workers in KFC are lazy. Do you really know every single worker in there? Maybe they had had a busy day? It was late at night. I am fairly certain you would not have posted this about white workers.
Do not say that as you cannot tell the difference between Asians who have given you trouble with cashback and other Asians that you are going to avoid all Asians in Scotmid.

In fact, don't mention colour at all. It is irrelevant. The fact that you see it as an important fact here says a lot about your real views on Asians even if you do not recognise them yourself.

p.s. I still think you should take what I said about taking a good look at yourself to see why you seem incapable of keeping friends for longer than six months seriously. Ok, you may not have time but if you leave it any longer it may be too late.
p.p.s. Ethnic gangs in Scotmid? What drugs have you been taking? Or maybe you should start taking some. The Royal Ed has some lovely antipsychotics.
p.p.p.s. Trying to make me look racist towards whites will not work. I'm half white.


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