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If you are having problems justifying why there is a swastika on the webpage you are viewing just show them this entry. It's public. If they don't understand it then they aren't worth your time or effort in my opinion.

From Reclaim The Swastika
The swastika is an ancient symbol present in numerous and diverse cultures around the world, including the cultures of India, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.
In India, the swastika has thousands of years of history and still retains today its place of pre-eminence among the sub-continent's spiritual symbols. It remains one of the most prominent spiritual symbols in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, and is found adorning temples and religious shrines throughout Asia.
After its misuse by the Nazis, it became associated with murder and oppression on a scale never before witnessed on this earth. For this reason, in Europe, for many millions, the swastika came to symbolise evil. Understandably, there arose, as a result of this, a move to ban the swastika.
This website is dedicated to "reclaiming the swastika" - to sharing information that reveals its long and varied history and the spiritually deep meaning that underlies it.

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Banning/fearing the swastika because of the Nazis is like banning/fearing the cross because of the Crusades. It's nuts.


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