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Are all searches fucked at the moment? I type in exactly what I want and it's eighth on the page with all of the entries above it having only one part of what I typed. I type O+S on the HMV site and I get Jordin Sparks - S.O.S. (Let The Music Play) at the top when what I wanted was O+S by O+S. It's fifth on with the other four items not containing O+S at all! WTF? win here. It's at the top when I search for it on their site. Well done They're also the cheapest. Do the other shops not want to sell anything. If you type the exact title of an item and the top four or five search results bear very little resemblence to what you've typed how likely would you be to assume that site didn't have what you wanted and give up? I know I would normally but after the ebay D12 nonsense I've been trying a few tricks.

Searching for D12 on ebay gives you hundreds of D20s and Dungeons and Dragons books but no D12s unless you type "D12" instead of D12 alone. The "" trick doesn't work for O+S. I tried it on the above sites. Same results. Down at number five or eight. I don't know about the rest of you but I consider this to be very fucked up. What do you think?Am I missing something obvious?
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[ profile] luckylove is pissed off with whoever decided to change the ingredients in Quavers and the Salt and Vinegar French Fries to include MSG. She spent a fair chunk of last night in agony. Fortunately Mark was a star and went to Sainsburys to get me some peppermint tea. I love him.

In other news as of 4pm on Friday I still hadn't heard from the council. 48 hours my arse. It's now been five working days. Hang on, maybe they meant 48 working hours . . . I'm not going to work that out. They have some weird opening times and I so can't be arsed with it. I've done what I can to help them sort it out. I gave them the evidence, I even have a witness for that, and I've reminded them about it. If they pass the case on to the Sheriff court and or send bailiffs round I'm going to have some fun. Same goes for Scottish Gas who are still sending bills for a Miss J M Clinton to my address. I've written to them to point out their error and have even offered to provide them with evidence that my address is still supplied by Scottish Power. I'm going to have fun with them if they decide to send bailiffs round. I think I might write to their chief executive first and include the three letters that arrived last week and let them know exactly how much stress this is causing me. Freaking out about some random person changing my gas and leccy supplier every time I get another of their letters is not good for my mental health. I'm tempted to call Scottish Power, my supplier, and ask them to confirm again if they're still my supplier and explain why I'm asking. Mark says this is a bad idea as too many people involved will only complicate things but I still want to do it. Let Scottish Power ask Scottish Gas why they're claiming to be supplying energy to some random person who does not and never has lived at my address.

I feel the need to watch the Dark Crystal again just to see a pissed off Fizzgig.
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Amazon removes the Sales Rank from certain books.

Stolen from [ profile] sf_drama of all places.
" has recently decided to derank and remove from searches all books they deem to be "adult". The problem with that is that the only books they seem to be removing are gay and lesbian, no matter what level of sex they have in them. They're even deranking books about rape, feminism and lesbian pregnancies, as well as works of literature like Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain. Despite this, many heterosexual and "vanilla" works have remained ranked and listed, like works by Laurell K Hamilton and bodice ripper romance novels."

Edited to add: An open letter from BookSquare to amazon regarding recent policy changes - says it much better than I can.

A list of affected books
Another list of someone's top 100 gay novels with all the affected books in bold

Amazon have this to say (as posted by Mark Probst): In consideration of our entire customer base, we exclude "adult" material from appearing in some searches and best seller lists. Since these lists are generated using sales ranks, adult materials must also be excluded from that feature.

They've deranked our national treasure, Stephen Fry :( but only in paperback. PB is tagged as 'gay' but the HB isn't.

I signed the petition "In protest at's new "adult" policy". It's amazon caving to the fundies and making it very difficult to search for gay erotic fiction. In fact if you search for homosexuality the first book that comes up is one for parents. How to prevent you child becoming an abomination unto the Lord! All the other suggested searches are along the lines of homosexuality + bible/christian/truth/faith. I never thought amazon would pander to this lot.
Try looking at the suggested searches that follow "homosexuality . . ." on It's a very different picture. have missed one book. Crave: Dyke Erotica by Laura Adele-Marsh. It comes up if you do an "All Department" search and it still has a Sales Rank. From what Laura told me it's pretty explicit.
Will posting this in my journal do any good? No. Why am I posting it? Don't ask me difficult questions.
Amazon rank
Warning: The contents of this entry have been stolen from several other journals and communities . . . er, bit late now.
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This needs to be said more often. I vow to use them only when all other decent tickets places have sold out. Like this occasion. 90 seconds is not long enough to locate a purse and a specific card within it just because they've decided they don't like your Visa card. I lost count of the number of times I had to go back to the start and add the tickets to the basket. Then my broadband connection died. ARGH!

TicketMaster will from now until eternity be known as TicketBastards.

I feel much better now.

Amazon rock! )
luckylove: (Pissed off Fizzgig) are evil bastards. They take your money, fail to deliver the goods and then don't even bother to refund you the full amount. Evil cunts. They won't even talk to me now. They said they'd call me back but it was a lie. Lies, all lies.

Well this site works really well
As does this one
"Accessed" using a Mac and Firefox. Works if you use IE. are evil cunts. are useless wankers.


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