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I just bought some Reggae Reggae Sauce from Levi Roots' website. I guess this is the only time I've been glad someone has made me watch Dragons Den. It's usually shite but Levi Rocks!

I'll let you know if the jerk sauce is any good. I love jerk chicken.

Edit: It's wonderful! I love it!
It's now available in Sainsburys for £1.49
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For [ profile] tormentpid

Beads and findings - P.J.Beads in the UK. DO NOT USE. They used to be fine but they're the only shop that I bought from a few weeks before my card details were stolen. I bought from them about three weeks before each fraud. I wouldn't trust them again. There weren't any other online orders common to both frauds. I did write all this down on the sheet that goes to the police but I don't know if they did anything. - free shipping from the US. Small shipping charge now. Don't buy more than $30 or you'll have to pay import tax. - they have good pliers - American but very good - UK - UK - American. I buy most of my silver findings from here. - a site that looks good. Haven't used 'em yet. I like their sell-offs. - lots of beading sites here.

For Nicky - both of these places do the sort of metal you are looking for.
Palmer Metals - for sheet silver
Cookson Gold - for sterling silver wire and stuff


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