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To the Scottish Gas fuckwit who decided to switch my electricity supplier without my permission,

Fuck off and die in a fire you fucking fuckwit.

No love,

I came back from Sheffield to find a letter from Scottish Power saying they were sorry I was leaving them. It came as a complete surprise to me. After the last changeover fiasco I've refused to switch suppliers. Scottish Power haven't been too bad and I really don't need any additional stress right now. That plan didn't work. I called the number on the letter for people who haven't agreed to transfer and the lady was very helpful. She asked me if I'd had any energy salespeople knocking on doors, nope. I did tell her about the Scottish Gas 'problem.' She said she'd stop the transfer and that I'd hear from them in five to ten days. I received the letter confirming the stop today. It also confirms that I was being transfered to Scottish Gas. Mark and I both suspect that whoever read the letter I sent to Scottish Gas may have decided to switch me without my permission. What's weird is that I haven't had anything from Scottish Gas addressed to me at my address. Mark reckons that the Scottish Gas fuckwit may have told Scottish Power that I was changing and then just 'disconnected' me.

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[ profile] luckylove is pissed off with whoever decided to change the ingredients in Quavers and the Salt and Vinegar French Fries to include MSG. She spent a fair chunk of last night in agony. Fortunately Mark was a star and went to Sainsburys to get me some peppermint tea. I love him.

In other news as of 4pm on Friday I still hadn't heard from the council. 48 hours my arse. It's now been five working days. Hang on, maybe they meant 48 working hours . . . I'm not going to work that out. They have some weird opening times and I so can't be arsed with it. I've done what I can to help them sort it out. I gave them the evidence, I even have a witness for that, and I've reminded them about it. If they pass the case on to the Sheriff court and or send bailiffs round I'm going to have some fun. Same goes for Scottish Gas who are still sending bills for a Miss J M Clinton to my address. I've written to them to point out their error and have even offered to provide them with evidence that my address is still supplied by Scottish Power. I'm going to have fun with them if they decide to send bailiffs round. I think I might write to their chief executive first and include the three letters that arrived last week and let them know exactly how much stress this is causing me. Freaking out about some random person changing my gas and leccy supplier every time I get another of their letters is not good for my mental health. I'm tempted to call Scottish Power, my supplier, and ask them to confirm again if they're still my supplier and explain why I'm asking. Mark says this is a bad idea as too many people involved will only complicate things but I still want to do it. Let Scottish Power ask Scottish Gas why they're claiming to be supplying energy to some random person who does not and never has lived at my address.

I feel the need to watch the Dark Crystal again just to see a pissed off Fizzgig.
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Scottish Power are morons. They've decided to base an estimate of my yearly power consumption entirely on what I've used in the past three months. Does anyone see the major flaw in this plan?

As a result they've decided that my monthly Direct Debit payments will not be sufficient so they've increased them by 25%. Based on how much Gas and Electricity I've used in the past year and the current costs I've discovered that my current payments will cover next years use easily.

To make me even more annoy they've done this while I'm in credit, again. I thought that the whole idea of paying by direct debit meant that you were supposed to be slightly in debit in the winter and in credit in the summer. See diagram. Not in credit all year round!

Is this diagram meaningless?

This is the third time they've tried to do this to me and I'm not happy. I'm getting fed up with having to phone them every three months to tell them not to increase my direct debit payments. They haven't been increased in almost a year and it's the middle of winter and I'm still in credit. I can't see this changing any time soon. Once again, Scottish Power are idiots.

This also comes as Scottish Gas slash their prices by 17%. Guess who I'll be threatening to call if Scottish Power don't get their act together.


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