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It's been a while since I've done one of these.

Once again Royal Mail have pissed me off and it's nothing to do with the price increases. Oh no. This is to do with their leaving items with "your designated neighbour". The phrase "your designated neighbour" is farcical as you don't actually get to designate your neighbour. It just happens to be whichever of the people around you happens to be in. Could be anyone. Could be the thieving arsehole upstairs or the homophobic wanker two doors down. According to the gentleman on the telephone posties are supposed to have enough common sense to leave it with someone on the same landing as you so if you're disabled and on the ground floor you shouldn't have to go traipsing upstairs to get your packet. On the other hand I can count the number of posties I've encountered who have common sense on one finger.

So you can't designate a neighbour but you can opt out. What? Really? How? I didn't even know my postcode was unfortunate enough to be in a trial area. How the fuck am I supposed to divine that I can opt out of this trial? I asked the gentleman on the phone how one can opt out. He DIDN'T KNOW! He told me to "look for it online". That was really helpful.

About as helpful as the card. You can't designate a neighbour, so surely the card should say which of your seven neighbours has your parcel. Nope. Nothing at all. Fortunately I took a sensible approach and tried the one nearest me. They had my parcel. Thankfully they're really nice but I can't say the same for everyone else in the stair. I've now opted out. I know I moan about having to trek down to the arse end of Portobello whenever the postie with common sense decides a thin children's book is too large for my letter box (I guess my letter box must randomly shrink when I'm not around) but I'd rather that than have my post vanish into the ether because it's been left with one of my arsehole neighbours with no clue on the card as to which on it is.

Royal Mail failing again.

If you want to opt out of this farce click here. I realise this might be great if you have trustworthy neighbours but I don't and as half the properties in the stair are rented and there's a high turnover I just can't take the chance.
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Today I almost lost over £100 and it wasn't my fault. I ordered a couple of items, including my Mum's Christmas present, from I spent last night at Mark's and when I got back to my flat this afternoon I discovered a very large brown box with printed on it sat OUTSIDE my front door. In clear view of anyone passing by, not tucked around the corner or left with a neighbour. What's worse is that the the main stair door isn't closing properly so anyone can get in. It was ajar when I arrived home. I opened my door and took the parcel in and found an unfamiliar "sorry we missed you" card in green and white from the Home Delivery Network. In response to the "Where's my parcel?" question, the courier had ticked the box "in a safe place" and next to it wrote "LEFT BOY* AT DOOR."


Tomorrow's plan involved phoning them and asking them where's my parcel. "You said you left it outside my door but it wasn't there. Where is it?" I'll let 'em stew for an hour or so and then inform them that a kind neighbour rescued it before any of the local scum could pinch it. Then I'll complain to Amazon about their terrible choice of courier company. I'd say I'd rather have Royal Mail back but they've left large and valuable items outside my front door four times this year (and once in the past seven days) so I'm not at all happy with them either.

Why can't people do their jobs properly?

Edit: I'm not the only dissatisfied customer.
There are some here and more here and here and from here -
I recently ordered a photo printer – obviously a piece of fragile electronic equipment, and far from cheap, from Amazon. I came home from work several days later to find a card through my door saying my parcel had been left ‘down the side’ of my house. I discovered that the v. large and heavy box had been dropped over a 6 foot, locked back gate on to the concrete on the other side! On calling HDN to complain, the girl who took the call said she would ‘report the driver’ as not only should he – obviously – not have thrown any kind of parcel over a high wooden fence (I suppose I should be relieved that my 6 month old puppy wasn’t in the garden standing on the other side of the gate at the time) . . .

Holy Shit! My parcel's been sat outside my door since Monday afternoon! I guess I was VERY lucky it didn't get stolen.

*That's what it says. I'll scan it if you don't believe me.
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From the Number 10 petition site.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Intervene in the Royal Mail V CWU Strike to protect small businesses

We would like the government to intervene to end the ongoing dispute betweeen Royal Mail and CWU. This is now affecting thousands of small businesses, as they cannot guarentee their items are delivered or payments received. The government should step in and act as arbitrator to end the striking farly for both sides, and ensure that the backlog of mail does not result in thousands of small businesses going bankrupt -which will happen if this strike continues through Christmas.

My friend's ebay business suffers during strikes as the amount of negative feed increases when people don't realise that postal strikes by Royal Mail affect items they've bought on eBay. She can't use a courier service as it's far too expensive for what she sells.
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Homeowner sued after woman delivering junk mail claims she injured her hand in letterbox
Junk mail rarely brings you something you want, but for one homeowner it has led to a lawsuit landing on his doormat. Paul O'Brien is being sued by a woman who says she trapped her hand in his letterbox while posting mail. Joy Goodman, a cake decorator in her late 40s, is seeking damages for personal injury and loss of earnings. She claims the top of her right index finger was severed by his letterbox and she can no longer do her intricate job.
Ok, this is from the Daily Mail but WTF?!?

Oh, wait a minute, here's the Telegraph article
. . . the home owner vowed to fight the case. Paul O'Brien, 44, a self-employed engineer from Leeds, said: "When I received a solicitor's letter I thought someone was having a laugh. I actually told them they had sent it early. April Fool's Day is still six weeks away.
"I just cannot believe someone who came on to my property uninvited, to put junk mail through my door that I didn't want, can now sue me because they hurt themselves." . . .

Royal Mail's said that none of their posties have had any trouble with that letter box. They also said something about training their employees to be able to deal with letterboxes correctly. This bitch should be suing her employers for not training her properly.
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Royal Mail
That was far too easy, wasn't it? Here's my email to them.
"Despite having opted out of receiving unaddressed junk mail over 4 months ago I'm still receiving it. Today's junk arrived bearing a 'postmark' that said "Delivered By Royal Mail" and the postman was dressed like one of your postmen. This is getting to be beyond a joke. If this is not resolved promptly I shall be contacting Postwatch and Watchdog."

Also is anyone getting calls from 04074780000 with a prerecorded message congratulating you on . . . fuck knows. I started to hang up when I heard the click of the recorded message so I only heard "Congratulations! You have won . . ."
Edit - This bunch of useless goat-felching wankers are claiming you've won an all expenses paid holiday to Florida and would you please press 9 . . . . I found that out after googling the number last night. I forgot to edit this entry properly before posting it a few minutes ago. Sorry about that.

As of this morning 01942720556 can be added to the nuisance call list.

Now to post to [ profile] royalmailsucks

Edit 2 - Petition against the huge hike in ebay fees and the new 'improved' feedback system
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Royal Mail are useless.


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