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Today I almost lost over £100 and it wasn't my fault. I ordered a couple of items, including my Mum's Christmas present, from I spent last night at Mark's and when I got back to my flat this afternoon I discovered a very large brown box with printed on it sat OUTSIDE my front door. In clear view of anyone passing by, not tucked around the corner or left with a neighbour. What's worse is that the the main stair door isn't closing properly so anyone can get in. It was ajar when I arrived home. I opened my door and took the parcel in and found an unfamiliar "sorry we missed you" card in green and white from the Home Delivery Network. In response to the "Where's my parcel?" question, the courier had ticked the box "in a safe place" and next to it wrote "LEFT BOY* AT DOOR."


Tomorrow's plan involved phoning them and asking them where's my parcel. "You said you left it outside my door but it wasn't there. Where is it?" I'll let 'em stew for an hour or so and then inform them that a kind neighbour rescued it before any of the local scum could pinch it. Then I'll complain to Amazon about their terrible choice of courier company. I'd say I'd rather have Royal Mail back but they've left large and valuable items outside my front door four times this year (and once in the past seven days) so I'm not at all happy with them either.

Why can't people do their jobs properly?

Edit: I'm not the only dissatisfied customer.
There are some here and more here and here and from here -
I recently ordered a photo printer – obviously a piece of fragile electronic equipment, and far from cheap, from Amazon. I came home from work several days later to find a card through my door saying my parcel had been left ‘down the side’ of my house. I discovered that the v. large and heavy box had been dropped over a 6 foot, locked back gate on to the concrete on the other side! On calling HDN to complain, the girl who took the call said she would ‘report the driver’ as not only should he – obviously – not have thrown any kind of parcel over a high wooden fence (I suppose I should be relieved that my 6 month old puppy wasn’t in the garden standing on the other side of the gate at the time) . . .

Holy Shit! My parcel's been sat outside my door since Monday afternoon! I guess I was VERY lucky it didn't get stolen.

*That's what it says. I'll scan it if you don't believe me.
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Amtrak claim that at 12.55 yesterday they tried to deliver my new hard drive but no one was in. They say thy're going to attempt to redeliver it today. If they fail then I'll have to collect the item from Broxburn wherever the hell that is.

They claim to have left a card. This I have to congratulate on. They've found a way to make invisible card!

What happens if I can provide proof (itemised phone bill and a shitload of lj comments from my IP address) that someone was in around the time that they claim they attempted delivery?

How does one get to Broxburn without spending money?

Edit 1: I'm now obsessively refreshing the tracking page.
Edit 2: 14.44 - Still obsessively refreshing the tracking page.
Edit 3: 16.47 - Still waiting. Nothing on the tracking page.
Edit 4: 17.20 - Still waiting. Nothing on the tracking page.
Edit 5: 17.24 - Tried calling again, ended up on hold for 16 minutes. Gave up.
Edit 6: 18.00 - Still waiting. Nothing on the tracking page.

Edit 7: It's officially time to give up. Of course now it's far too late to go round to Mark's parents for dinner and my Mum is pissed off because I had to cancel on her again thanks to Amtrak.
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Do postal companies (not Royal Mail) usually email you if they have a delivery for you that requires a signature? The company in questions is Secure Mail Services (formerly Special Mail Services) and having seen their online reviews I doubt I'll ever see whatever it is they have to deliver to me. Hmm, the name rings a bell.

*thinks hard*

I remember now! This is the bunch of useless f*ckwits that took over three months to get my new bank card to me. In the end my lovely branch changed my address to the branch address and then I picked it up from them. Oh this is going to be fun.
How long will it take them to successfully deliver this item? Place your bets now.

Edit: From their website "If we are holding a secure mail item for you we will have let you know by text, calling card or letter.
They don't mention email so should I assume it's spam?

My review of this company - left on a review site where their score is 1.5/10 )

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