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I have the new UK version of The Mysterious Cities Of Gold boxset sat on my lap. Woohoo!

I also have Everwood season 1. They both arrived today. I'm happy. Now if Amtrak turn up with my hard drive I shall be very happy.
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The Hmv Exclusive Box Set of the Mysterious Cities Of Gold will have a replica medallion amonst other things. Yay!

I don't care if it's close to £50. I WILL be getting it.
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*bounce bounce bounce*
*more bouncing*
*jumps for joy*

Fabulous Films will be releasing the English version of The Mysterious Cities of Gold on DVD next February!!! I got the news from here. Apparently I signed up to their MCoG mailing list. I'm so glad I did. are advertising it on their site (thanks wikipedia). You can sign up here to receive and email when it is finally released.

Facebook group

Plans begin in the U.K. where the unedited full 39 episodes will be released on 3 double-DVD sets with 13 episodes each (1-13, 14-26 and 27-39). They will be in a standard DVD case with a card outer wrap, a booklet inside with episode details and possibly a poster. The show will then be released on DVD in the USA later in 2008, and also in Australia. Fabulous Films is about to begin picture and sound restoration in London, and also plans to interview episode writer Jean Chalopin for this release and compile other extras as well.

Make sure you pass this on to all your Mysterious Cities of Gold mad friends.


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