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I've been busy with my camera. I took a load of videos at the two Ladytron gigs in November and the New Model Army one on Tuesday. My YouTube page

Ladytron, ABC, Glasgow, 26th November 2008
Fighting In Built Up Areas
High Rise

Ladytron, Moshulu, Aberdeen, 28th November 2008
Black Cat
Runaway - I only have a short clip but haven't uploaded it yet.
High Rise - not uploaded yet.
True Mathematics
Soft Power
Season of Illusions
International Date Line
Fighting In Built Up Areas
Burning Up
Tomorrow - Not uploaded yet.
Destroy Everything You Touch

Asobi Seksu, Moshulu, Aberdeen, 28th November 2008 (supporting Ladytron)
Red Sea

New Model Army, The Sage, Gateshead, 16th December 2008
No Mirror, No Shadow
Purity - Hear Mark roar in pain at 0.31 secs.
Ocean - More to follow.

New Model Army setlist )
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I had a great time and I now know why the second half of both gigs was far better than the first half. They switched the strobes off! The strobes were only used in the first half of both gigs and were actually switched off early in Sheffield because someone's partner was having epileptic problems. It's nice to know there are some decent lighting guys out there. It also explains why I came away with mild headaches rather than full blown migraines.

They didn't play "Here Comes The War" in Sheffield. Mark says they know their audiences really well and after "The Hunt" and "Get Me Out", "Here Comes The War" might've started a riot.

We saw a number of three tiered pyramids, they were cool and met a German lass, living in London who has already been to seven gigs this tour. Now that's dedication. She didn't get to Glasgow though. Something about it being too far . . . like Helsinki isn't :P

Some of these won't be the full titles just the abbreviations that the band used. I have Justin's setlist from both of the gigs. Yay!
Cathouse Glasgow 14th Nov 07 )

The Corporation Sheffield 18th November 07 )


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