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Thanks to the Tories cost cutting threats and Murdock's anti-BBC agenda, the Beeb are planning to close two radio stations and cut a huge chunk of internet stuff. The stations - 6Music - the bestest station there is and BBC Asian Network which is of little interest to me.

According to Phill Jupitus The end of 6 Music at this moment in the BBC's history is not only an act of cultural vandalism, it's also an affront to the memory of John Peel and a slap in the face to thousands of licence-payers.

Here's a petition to save the stations.

And a link to add a ribbon to your twitter pic. Yup this has caused me to tweet. Twitter hash tag thingy is #saveBBC6music

And the facebook group.

And just to lighten the mood a little, here's a clip from the BBC programme Genius. I laughed so hard it hurts to breathe now.
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From the British Army Rumour Service

"Great news everyone, we're almost ready to run the risk of destroying everything, everywhere!! Huzzah Very Happy

That "fcuk of big magnet" which they've spent billions on over the past 14 years, which will produce as much energy as was present in 1 trillionth of a second after the BIG BANG will be fired up proper in the next 9 days.

So why all the worry?? Some leading scientists have taken a fresh look and say that the risks of doing something rather nasty and irreversible are almost zero, not zero, but almost... Shocked

So time yet to open a book, odds on:

- Stable neutral hawking radiation free black hole grows and eats planet
- Chain of "stranglets" turn the Earth into a twisted lump of strange matter
- 17 mile chunk of France-Switerland launched into space, Earths trajectory altered
- MK II Universe created
- Alien Battlecruisers arrive through worm hole and deliver orbital bombardment
- Fuse blows, ring cracks & billions of £'s fizzle out of existence overnight
- Boffins say fcuk it, crank it up to 11 and plug in a Guitar

Well we will soon know one way or the other in 9 days time as the worlds largest and most expensive experiment ever goes online."

Back to me and CCTV footage of a boy being hit by a bus. The police have released this to make other pupils aware of the dangers passing traffic can pose.

Has anyone else noticed that the volume on the BBC video player goes up to 11?


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