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Camelot/National Lottery are incompetant goat-felchers who couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery if their lives counted on it. All I want to do is close an account and get them to stop sending me spam. These goat-felchers can't even handle that. They give you an email address for contacting them and then when you use it they send you the reply in the picture below. I think I've successfully closed the account but the spam won't stop. They ask you to reply to the email if your enquiry is genuine and they've wrongly flagged it as spam but all that gets you is another email identical to the one in the picture!
I repeat - Camelot/National Lottery are useless fuckwits who couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.

I've actually given up now and have just told Gmail that all email from these people is spam.
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The driver of this UPS van who stays one block away from me is still evil. He's now parking RIGHT on the corner. Not only is he blocking access but he's making it bloody dangerous to drive into our block. It doesn't affect him. This bastard lives in one of the other blocks. His selfishness is putting the lives of 44 households at risk. I'm going to get the committee to email these photos and the explanation to UPS and see what they have to say about it this time. Whatever they said last time obviously didn't work. Don't use UPS. From what I've seen they don't give a rat's arse if their drivers endanger other people. As long as this van is illegally parked in my block I will continue to hold this belief.

I was asked not to post this as shortly after the last time I posted about this selfish arse the van got vandalised. According to the person claiming to be from UPS who phoned the committee member from a mobile that was my fault. Yup, if you post pictures of something that annoys you and it then gets vandalised it's your fault. What planet are these people on?
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My estate has a slight problem with broken drainpipes and thanks to the freezing weather this is the result.

I recommend clicking for the larger version of this. That icicle, which is only attached to the wall at the very top, is huge!!!

Around half of our drainpipes will be like this. I know because I walked round the estate and made a note of all the ones that were broken. Now I just need to get my act together and scan the map and email it to our factors. I think these pictures will be going too. We're fucked. I dread to think how much this'll cost to fix . . .
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[ profile] electricpaladin appears to be too thick to understand the Spoon Theory and privilege.
Poor privileged white guy.
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Update on this entry. The one about the UPS van being illegally parked in my car park and blocking access to emergency vehicles. Well about three days after emailing them a phone call was received from the Edinburgh. They said the vehicle belonged to an outside contractor and that they'd contact them and try to resolve it. Another phone call was received today. They've spoken to the driver and told him he's not to park it there any more. He claims he didn't know it was illegal to block the path of emergency vehicles park a commercial vehicle on property where the Deed of Conditions, which the owner of the property must sign up to and agree to abide by, clearly state that this is not allowed. He's not going to be parking it there any more. He also led them to believe that he was parking it in his assigned space. Bullshit. That area is NOT an assigned space. Besides he lives does not live in my block and that portion of the car park only contains spaces for people in my block. Lying bastard.

UPS say that the van has since been damaged and that it's my fault because of this. I really don't understand that train of thought. Because I've posted something here someone has somehow and for some unknown reason gone and found out exactly where that place in the picture is and vandalised the van? What the fuck? I know none of my friends would've done it. Can't say the same for some of my neighbours or the emergency services who were having trouble getting round the vehicle. I don't give a flying fuck if the UPS van was vandalised or not. It's not my fault. I never advocated violence towards the poor defenceless object that was illegally parked by its dimwitted, law-breaking driver. That's his fault. Maybe if he wasn't so inconsiderate in his parking people might not have taken issue with the van. Of course it could just be a bunch of local kids or drunks. There was a spate of vandalism in that car park last year and a couple of years before that and then again about six years ago. I refuse to accept blame for something which is not my fault so you can go fuck yourselves.

Why were the photos posted online? Because I didn't know if your email system allowed incoming attachments and I couldn't be arsed dealing with a bounced email and then having to go about sending them another way.
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Update here

The driver of this UPS van who stays one block away from me is evil. I hadn't been overly bothered about his law-breaking (it's against the Deed of Conditions to park a commercial vehicle in our car park and breaking the Deeds is breaking the law) until I saw an emergency vehicle fail to get past the van. His selfishness is putting the lives of 44 households at risk. I'm going to email these photos and the explanation to UPS and see what they have to say about it.

Photographic evidence )
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A friend and I have been setting up LJ and Facebook stuff for people who have been fucked over by DWP thanks to the lies told by ATOS Healthcare's "Healthcare Professionals."
On LJ we have [ profile] atosexperiences and on Facebook it's ATOS (Healthcare) Experiences.

A website is also being set up here. It's not quite finished yet. There's a bit more to go up. Please share these with people who are at the mercy of ATOS Healthcare's "Healthcare Professionals."
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Mark and I would like to introduce the new additions to our family. Meet Jasper

and Carnelian. (Mark named this one, honest! I wanted to call him Carrot.)

Apologies for the terrible pictures. By the time they awake enough to do anything it's too dark to take decent pictures without the flash and I don't want to use that around them.
Jasper is an Angora Syrian hamster and is most definitely the boss. Carnelian, his littermate, isn't an Angora but he's still a sweetie. I bought a new wheel for them which, unfortunately was fine for Carnelian but a bit too small for Jasper. This didn't bother Jasper though. Instead of arching and potentially hurting or damaging his back he decided to do what I caught in the video below.

Yup. My hamster is a headcase. Carnelian then gets in on the act.

One hamster is in the wheel whilst the other perches his bum on one of the platforms and uses the outside of the wheel. Can hamsters catch insanity from humans?

I've still to tell you about the lemurs but that can wait until tomorrow. I'm far too tired right now.
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Dear owners of 01772733194 aka Clear Debt Solutions,
No love,

Dear owners of 08448466529 aka the scum posing as Consumer Direct Debt Advice,
No love,
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I honestly can't remember if I've posted this before. I posted it in the cult community but it should be here too. It had me howling with laughter and not much does that these days.
I recommend watching the video before reading the lyrics.

I Had A Shoggoth - Tom Smith

Available for download here
lyrics )
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I'll tell you why. If you score highly in the secret test in their exams then you are invited to attend a special class designed to help and teach them how to get into power. A perfect score means you are Warning: spoiler content )
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Do not buy laser pointers or any other product from They're cheap and cheerful but WILL NOT help you if a product arrives broken or an order is fucked up. Steer clear of these cowboys.
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Joy! Avast keeps telling me there's a Trojan horse on LJ so I've opened a support request. I won't be holding my breathe for a helpful response.

Trojan horse is JS:Illredir-AG [Trj] whatever that is.

LJ have made my support request private, just like all the other ones asking about the trojan. I wonder what they're trying to hide. Bastards.

Hmm, they have the time to hide all the support requests relating to the trojan but not to answer them. Lovely service. Well done LJ. You're really filling me with confidence.
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Thanks to the Tories cost cutting threats and Murdock's anti-BBC agenda, the Beeb are planning to close two radio stations and cut a huge chunk of internet stuff. The stations - 6Music - the bestest station there is and BBC Asian Network which is of little interest to me.

According to Phill Jupitus The end of 6 Music at this moment in the BBC's history is not only an act of cultural vandalism, it's also an affront to the memory of John Peel and a slap in the face to thousands of licence-payers.

Here's a petition to save the stations.

And a link to add a ribbon to your twitter pic. Yup this has caused me to tweet. Twitter hash tag thingy is #saveBBC6music

And the facebook group.

And just to lighten the mood a little, here's a clip from the BBC programme Genius. I laughed so hard it hurts to breathe now.
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I probably should add I've just gotten her this enclosure and this digging tower. She's such a spoilt critter. She got some of my watermelon earlier.

[Poll #1504101]
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Today I almost lost over £100 and it wasn't my fault. I ordered a couple of items, including my Mum's Christmas present, from I spent last night at Mark's and when I got back to my flat this afternoon I discovered a very large brown box with printed on it sat OUTSIDE my front door. In clear view of anyone passing by, not tucked around the corner or left with a neighbour. What's worse is that the the main stair door isn't closing properly so anyone can get in. It was ajar when I arrived home. I opened my door and took the parcel in and found an unfamiliar "sorry we missed you" card in green and white from the Home Delivery Network. In response to the "Where's my parcel?" question, the courier had ticked the box "in a safe place" and next to it wrote "LEFT BOY* AT DOOR."


Tomorrow's plan involved phoning them and asking them where's my parcel. "You said you left it outside my door but it wasn't there. Where is it?" I'll let 'em stew for an hour or so and then inform them that a kind neighbour rescued it before any of the local scum could pinch it. Then I'll complain to Amazon about their terrible choice of courier company. I'd say I'd rather have Royal Mail back but they've left large and valuable items outside my front door four times this year (and once in the past seven days) so I'm not at all happy with them either.

Why can't people do their jobs properly?

Edit: I'm not the only dissatisfied customer.
There are some here and more here and here and from here -
I recently ordered a photo printer – obviously a piece of fragile electronic equipment, and far from cheap, from Amazon. I came home from work several days later to find a card through my door saying my parcel had been left ‘down the side’ of my house. I discovered that the v. large and heavy box had been dropped over a 6 foot, locked back gate on to the concrete on the other side! On calling HDN to complain, the girl who took the call said she would ‘report the driver’ as not only should he – obviously – not have thrown any kind of parcel over a high wooden fence (I suppose I should be relieved that my 6 month old puppy wasn’t in the garden standing on the other side of the gate at the time) . . .

Holy Shit! My parcel's been sat outside my door since Monday afternoon! I guess I was VERY lucky it didn't get stolen.

*That's what it says. I'll scan it if you don't believe me.
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It's 1990 and the New Covenant are Scotland's most powerful superheroes.

For those not interested in pictures and information about a pretty lady who can turn invisible and has a Giant Hamster Ball O'Doom, don't click on the lj-cut.

Invisibility, forcefields and evil twin sisters )

Edit: Mira's family (parents and twin sister) know that she's Mirror the superhero. No one else did . . . until she had to come out to the rest of the New Covenant when Snapdragon stole some 'industrial fireworks' from her company whilst he was undercover. Mirror punched him when she found out he did it. It was very funny.
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Are all searches fucked at the moment? I type in exactly what I want and it's eighth on the page with all of the entries above it having only one part of what I typed. I type O+S on the HMV site and I get Jordin Sparks - S.O.S. (Let The Music Play) at the top when what I wanted was O+S by O+S. It's fifth on with the other four items not containing O+S at all! WTF? win here. It's at the top when I search for it on their site. Well done They're also the cheapest. Do the other shops not want to sell anything. If you type the exact title of an item and the top four or five search results bear very little resemblence to what you've typed how likely would you be to assume that site didn't have what you wanted and give up? I know I would normally but after the ebay D12 nonsense I've been trying a few tricks.

Searching for D12 on ebay gives you hundreds of D20s and Dungeons and Dragons books but no D12s unless you type "D12" instead of D12 alone. The "" trick doesn't work for O+S. I tried it on the above sites. Same results. Down at number five or eight. I don't know about the rest of you but I consider this to be very fucked up. What do you think?Am I missing something obvious?


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