May. 5th, 2012

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It would appear than I am not allergic to my shampoo/conditioner. What I have is rather fine and not really noticeable dandruff that results in a very itchy scalp about a day or so after washing. Fuck this for a barrel of laughs. Despite the itchiness not being caused by my shampoo and conditioner I'd rather stick with the bicarb and apple cider vinegar method of hair washing. I've come this far I'd rather not pack it in now.

New plan. Kill the dandruff. Vosene didn't work last time and I know from past experience that I'm very allergic to Neutragena T-Gel shampoo and just about everything made by Head & Shoulders. I have no desire to spend yet more money on shampoos and the apple cider vinegar hasn't helped so it's time for a new plan. New plan involves seven drops of tea tree oil, seven drops of lavender oil and seven drops of rosemary oil in about a tablespoon of carrier oil. I'm using olive oil because I'm feeling too cheap to buy anything else. On Wednesday night I made up the above, undid the plaits and nuked my scalp. On Thursday I washed my hair, which was definitely greasy enough to fry chips in, with the bicarb and ACV. This didn't work very well and I almost gave up and went back to normal shampoo and conditioner. I ended up leaving the shower with hair that still felt greasy. Towel dried it, plaited it and went role-playing. It still smelt of tea tree, lavender and rosemary. Yum.

By Friday evening there was no itching. Over 24 hours since the last wash and nothing. Friday night and still no itching. This could be an improvement but we'll see. About an hour ago I did the three essential oil/olive oil thing again but only used half a tablespoon of olive oil. Hair is back in plaits and will be washed tomorrow. Given the amount of pain I'm in currently this may end up being postponed. Fortunately the only person I have to visit tomorrow knows about and accepts what I'm doing so she won't mind if my hair is greasy. I can wear a hat on the bus. At least it smells nice.

If, after a fortnight of doing this, the essential oil crap hasn't properly solved the dandruff/itchiness problem I shall be going to my GP. I'd rather not end up with a prescription for polytar or the like but if this doesn't work I guess I'll have to. Wish me luck please!


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