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I haven't washed my hair since Sunday lunchtime. Yesterday afternoon I asked Mark if it smelt. He said it did a bit but couldn't tell me what it smelt like. I'm hoping/guessing it's just general sweat/unwashedness rather than ew, yuckiness. Although general sweat/unwashedness is kinda ew, yuckiness. He did say he had to go right up close to smell anything.

I was going to wash it before I went to bed but I currently feel like the world is collapsing in on me to the point where I cannot handle making a cup of tea. If I tried to shower now I'd probably end up using normal shampoo/conditioner just because I feel as though I cannot cope with anything.

I will wash it tomorrow when I shower. We're roleplaying in the evening and I hate going out with icky hair.

My scalp is slightly itchy today but I'm wondering if I'm reacting to my own sweat rather than shampoo etc. The itching only starts about 24 hours after washing or after I've slept at least once. Maybe I'm allergic to my hypo-allergenic pillow. Or the washing powder, but then the rest of me would itch. I shall stop the paranoid ramblings here and put clean pillowcases on my bed tomorrow after I've washed my hair. There's no point doing that now.
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